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File:"2251 Stahlheber Road" Author ???File:"Dear Michael" by TheTyk1337 The Hour Of The Insane's MidnightHourFile:"Does Anyone Else Remember This Pop Song From Around 2008????" By Hartijay (READ DESCRIPTION)
File:"Herobrine" (reboot) Author UnknownFile:"Hyper-Cola" By Pacersnation16File:"I See You..." (reboot)
File:"Instant Messaging" By ???File:"It Started As A Leak" By Ariel LoweFile:"Just A Bug Bite" The Hour Of The Insane's Midnight Hour
File:"Masky's Story"File:"Mr.WideMouth"File:"My Mother" True Story By Susan ') (Read Description!!!!)
File:"Roommate Troubles" True Story By Jessi CosgroveFile:"Slenderman" CreepyPastaFile:"Squidwards Suicide"
File:"The Masked Thingy In My Closet" Author UnknownFile:"We're all alone." CreepyPasta The Hour Of The Insane's Midnight HourFile:"Xbox Live" By Silicon Lemming
File:"You're Not Scared, Right?" CreepyPastaFile:***NO LONGER THE HOUR OF THE INSANE***File:...
File:11 milesFile:20 two-four sentences horror stories.File:Annabelle ( read description )
File:Blue's CluesFile:Branches in the wind by legenddFile:CreepyPasta COMPILATION!!!!! ( read description )
File:Example.jpgFile:FACE REVEAL!!!! 3File:FiLe 2 (Read Description )
File:Five True Creepy Ghost Stories Thank You!File:From Hell I Write ( Part one )File:Guess which Tv Show character this is and the show ! Winner gets to choose next Friday's video!
File:Help...(FiLe 1)File:Hi, I'm Seth! ( (read description)File:How to create and become your own horror character ( bloopers included ) (read description)
File:Human Echolocation Author ???File:Hypnos lullabyFile:IMG 4293.JPG
File:I used to be fearlessFile:Insanity ReturnsFile:Invader Zim Ten Minutes To Doom
File:It Hurts A bit...File:Jeff The Killer (opening)File:Jeff The Killer Comedy VersionPART ONE Author ???
File:Kik Chat DemonFile:Listen...File:Morals- My Love ❤️
File:Strange Twitter.File:Survival Guide ( Read Description )File:TWO F**KIN FUNNY A** STORIES!!!!
File:Ten Horror Movies Based On A True StoryFile:The History Of TheMidnightMurderer,Seth, Ytinasni And EthanFile:The Smell
File:The Splendor ManFile:Too Late For RegretFile:Two Stories to chill you to the bone.
File:Update 5File:Watching The Shadow Of InnocenceFile:Wiki.png
File:Withdrawals By Jonathan NashFile:Ytinasni Perfection