You all know me as The Shadow Of Innocence, thank you all for being faithful fans! :3 You're probably wondering how I became this FREAKSHOW horror guy. Well, here's how. As a kid I always loved playing with negative film and pretending to make a movie with it. Of course that was just in my head but I loved it! ( I'd still play with negative film...XD ). Anyway, I grew up watching and reading R.L. Stine's "Goosebumps" books. They were all amazing! I loved them all. ( I actually emailed him back in elementary school for a project and he emailed me back! I still have the email printed and saved. ) My favorite was "Night Of The Living Dumny". I eventually watched my first actual horror movie , pretty sure it was the original "When A Stranger Calls". I cried as a kid the minute the credits rolled. Yet, I still loved it. I then eventually found my favorite horror series "Silent Hill". Still in love with it to this very day! (Except the news ones are...not as good..lets hope My poor Silent Hill heals.) Then I started watching Nightmare on elm street, Halloween, And the classics ( Team Freddy Kruger! ) and re visted the Original when a stranger calls...Loved it. I was officially a horror addict. Years later when was around..12? Or so? I had been looking on YouTube for the Eminem song "Go To Sleep" and a one minute jeff the killer narration a girl made came up. I didn't click it but after a few days ( or weeks ) of that image of what I later found out was "Jeff" I re searched it up and watched it, then found my favorite MCP video "The strangest security tape I ever found". I started to love CreepyPasta and Mr CreepyPasta, CreepyPasta Jr, Creeps mc pasta, and so on. And I officially was a CP fan and started writing my stories in CP style , I've been writing and into acting sense I was a kid and made crappy Silent Hill knock offs like "Dead Zone" and so on. Now I write horror stories and even drama Actions, I'll be uploading them here. All those you tubers inspired me to become The Shadow Of Innocence and sense I loved mental asylums and acting crazy to be scary, I made my channel theme and Asylum so all my subs are my mental paitents ( Awesome Mental Patients ) and I love to RP and pretend to be someone else and voice act and scare people ( side note : horror movies these days are eh, I'll fix that some day >:3 ) and that' I became The Shadow Of Innocence >:3.